Your Session

A few things to prepare…

Change work works best if you embrace it and do it, I am merely the facilitator, this is your responsibility.

Make the most of your session.

Before our first session

Before you arrive please can you prepare and send me the following?

On a plain piece of A4 paper (that has no lines), please handwrite the following using your normal handwriting.

  1. What you want from the session
  2. One good thing that happened to you over the last week and one not so good.
  3. Then sign and date.

(I only need 3-4 paragraphs to analyse your handwriting!) Please take a photo of the writing and either text it to me or email it to me before the session. If you do not have facility to do this just let me know and we will arrange an alternative.

Below is an example:

Handwriting analysis