“To re-create ourselves a new in every moment towards our highest desires and intentions, a continuous process of conscious evolution.”

To understand what this means we will break this up and explore the parts that make the whole.

Highest Desires and Intentions

Let’s begin by exploring the drives that are innate within all of us. If you where to ask anyone the following, all answers would be the same if you received an honest answer.

“Do you desire happiness in your existence? And do you desire happiness as you go through your life?”

“Do you desire love in your life? And love as you go through it?”

“Do you desire a life that contains fulfilment?”

The desire to be happier through our existence. The desire to feel love or be loved. The desire to feel fulfilled.

  1. Happiness
  2. Love
  3. Fulfilment

Emotionally these equate to three core emotions Joy, Love and Peace. Happiness is from joy, love from love and fulfilment is a feeling of peace.

If you have not been consciously focused on self-actualizing, then set as you primary three intentions peace, love and joy. Then any other desires or intentions you may have ensure they bring you peace love and joy as feelings as an essential part of your results.

The measure of the highest existence in this context can only be one that you feel Joy, Peace and Love more of the time and at more elevated levels, or more powerfully within.

Another way to put this is that, peace, love and joy are core values by which you may conduct your life. When these are met you will have a fuller life. To help orientate ones life to attain the best outcomes, illiciting and prioritising your first 6 core values, will create your personal compass. You will then know the criteria required to have the best and fullest existence.

To help understand this, imagine, at the end of your life, you look back on your existence, which is the total of your experiences. The only thing you will hold within yourself are the sum of the feelings that are the result of your existence. It’s all we really ever have, no matter what you have built in your private empire or done with yourself.

Peace, Love and Joy as emotions are also perspectives. A perspective is a way to examine what is currently going on in your existence. So whatever event is occurring now, are you using the perspectives of peace, love and joy to steer your outcomes? It could be anger or fear in the moment if something scary is happening.

Love and Fear are the core motivations we have as beings with feelings, you could view them as the two emotional ranges. Fear is away from motivation, love towards motivation or propulsions.

Within fear, you have fight, flight or curl up. Ranges of emotions, could be anger, fear and anxiety. The higher practical ranges of love based emotions are peace, love and joy.

One perspective is that all emotions are really love based. The fear range of emotions when used properly should be used to elevate us to the love range. This however is where problems occur. Every action we create as a behaviour or action is steered towards ultimately bringing more happiness, love or fulfilment. What breaks down in the process in so many peoples lives is not deliberately thinking through their thinking and targeting peace, joy and love as a proper part of the outcomes for all concerned.

You can check your outcomes, from the inception of your thoughts or from the resultant actions or behaviours if doing retrospectively by applying the tools of creation focused on the emotional outcome you desire.

Peace, Love and Joy as emotions, not only equate to a perspective but also to what is termed a value, a value being a set of beliefs one holds as you conduct yourself through the experiences of your life.

The Thing about Values or Beliefs

The thing about values you hold, whether cultural or simply personal is that they are simply beliefs. Beliefs are like little programmes to assist you through life, as we are designed to learn by experience.

However, some things you learn may be bad as well as good. What I mean by this is, to self-actualise simply review and utilise beliefs that most effectively enable self-actualisation and discard the rest. So good will be defined as that which enables consistently us to self-actualise and bad is what does not enable this. If a belief does not enable you to self-actualise, discard it.

“Money is the root of all evil” is a widely held belief. Money at its simplest is just a form of exchange for value. If you are self-actualising, the value is in the amount of happiness or joy a product or service should bring to your life. So money or currency is just a device to assist in equating value, looking at it objectively.

For a self-actualising person or society, that wishes to exist in peace, love and joy, would it be more enabling to think that “money enables or is the catalyst to bring about an existence with more joy, peace and love, through its use”?

Perhaps, we should all love money. You simply need to set the emotional outcome for all in its use when deciding what to buy.

Re-Create Yourself in the Moment

Life is a series of moments, called the now. You are constantly transitioning from and to a moment. Viewing your existence like this, existence equates to a process that is constant change. In every moment you experience events.

You have the opportunity to re-define yourself in every moment or continually steer yourself towards creating moments that you can experience more peace, love and joy.

To re-create yourself in every moment is to deliberately steer yourself and maintain that course to achieving your highest desires and intentions, through whatever doings and havings you decide upon.

We touched on Core Values earlier, these are simply sets of beliefs. A self-actualising person focuses on the innate emotional outcome first in all that is done or had, ideally being through the process. To be in the emotional state of joy is being joy for example. Joy is a perspective or simply a set of beliefs. Beliefs structure how you think as you go through the series of moments or events of your existence.

We are always “just being”, but what I believe is meant by “just be” is to run all thoughts from an elevated perspective and peace, love and joy I would suggest may be perceived as elevated perspectives to view life from. In this context if you are peaceful within you are “being” peaceful or peace.

It would be a lot more enjoyable if you where “being joy”, so feeling it and using that perspective fully as you do and have what you desire.

Do, Have, Be Paradigm

Normally when you elicit Core Values, they are equated to values or criteria that when used to steer your existence lead to more happiness, love and fulfilment. We have changed this model slightly by focusing deliberately on the emotional outcomes first, so for a self-actualising individual putting the Primary Values of peace, love and joy first. Following or subsequent Core Values would equate to other desires or intentions. These could equate to, “adventure”, “flow”, “power”, infact whatever you desire to steer your life. From these you can design your doings and what you want to have. This is a feedback loop or system that helps you realise you are achieving, ideally excellence. If you “be” these core values as you do and have, the process also becomes much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, this model is often mis-used. People deciding, they must do or have to be. You can do this but unless your outcomes have been deliberately set up to self-actualise effectively it often does not work.

So doing the job because you are expected to, get the car, the boat, home you desire, so having things. This does not necessarily equate to long-term happiness, even when accomplished or through the journey. This is normally because there are other innate desires that are not being met.

Conscious Evolution

We can only know we experience or have or do or be any of this via what we call consciousness or our self-awareness.

We are aware, and from that awareness we construct our reality, which is simply a perception of what is going on.

A perception is defined by the perspectives we take. It is the culmination of understandings that the lens of our perspectives draw to us or filter for us. If you imagine an event or something occurring provides data to our senses, then this data is filtered by our perspectives and is output as a perception or understanding of that event.

We know that we wish to be happier through our existence, more loved and be fulfilled. Evolution in this context could be the journey to realising that happiness, that love and fulfilment of more peace, love and joy.

How to deliberately self-actualise

This can be found in the following article, how to deliberately self-actualise.