Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Grief

Emotions getting the better of you?

Bottling it won?t help.

  • Whether it?s old tape loops, that keep playing
  • Anxieties that keep building
  • Just feeling constantly low
  • Or trauma

You can change this now

What you feel YOU FEEL and it is real, but don?t let out of control emotions ruin and run your life.

So if the wrong emotions are leading your life and you want to free yourself, get in touch.

Emotions are the essential fuel that propels us

Your emotions provide the drive to your behaviours

Remember it is natural for humans to experience stress, anxiety, anger, grief and more, sometimes they are just trying to tell you something, so listen.

Whatever, emotions you may be experiencing if they are holding you back, you can do something about it.

Whether you need to clear up old traumas, change beliefs, or manage what you feel now or at any given time or even change your direction in life, we can sit down and develop what you need.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxieties can plague our lives, these emotions trigger adrenaline and gone are the days of simple flight or fight, that would burn this boost. I say this as I sit at my desk, like many others do day after day, I am not going to run anywhere. I am going to sit, then later lay in bed and the thoughts will circle and just build. Sometimes you find that you are stressing over stupid things, so what can you do?

Listen to the message.

Then work out what is the right course of action. Sometimes a small change in perspective can change all of this, other times it may be your current direction in life. I am glad that as you are reading this now you are open to doing something about it, my whole site is about personal change development.


Anger by its nature is destructive. It is also an indicator that something is not right. It is handy to be able to manage it quickly if it flares up, or to diffuse pent up anger, that just collects inside us or to manage and change cycles of behaviour that reproduce it. For myself, I have found energy tapping extremely useful for this. Particularly for anger that lies trapped inside, it took me a long time to notice, but at some point, anger like this can just explode. If this is an issue for you we can look at it to devise better mechanisms to deal with it or change the behaviours.


If you have been through deeply distressing and disturbing experiences, that you either store in a dark place or you find that it just keeps looping into your mind, get it sorted.

When these types of emotions are compounded with newer ones they build and grow like pressure in a pressure cooker with no release valve.

I do not need to know the details to help you resolve this, it can be done content free, you just follow the process.


Grief is a natural emotion, it normally runs its course, but sometimes you may need a little hand to let it go.