This article explores the formation and function of uniqueness, as it is applied to the Superconscious and the individuated consciousnesses within the superconscious. This continues from the prior 3 articles on formation that are based on empirical observations and inferences based upon these.

I am that I am the System of Identity

Identity maybe defined as a set of characteristics that distinguish an awareness. How humans experience this is with the concept of “I” and the statement “I am”.

An identity is a system. Systems contain a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. A system is also a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.

The superconscious is a system in of itself and is part of a larger system that contains other systems. The superconscious is formed of sub-systems that interact and may contain further subsystems.

As a point of reference, the human individuation is a system that interacts with the environment or life, this is the superconscious the larger system that the individuation is an integral part of.

System Properties

From the field of quantum physics, all systems that have longevity utilise the following key principles:

  1. Evolution
  2. Emergence
  3. Self-Organisation.
  4. Feedback

These principles are applied at every level from the smallest to the largest and reflect the heuristic programming that simply functions for all the systems that make up our universe. Heuristics being a set of simple strategies — to solve problems, particularly complex problems.



Evolution for systems and sub-systems is ever increasing complexity. Imagine for example, the basic shape that constitutes what Heisenberg first speculated in the early 1900s as the core shape or pixel that shapes our reality, which is widely accepted now as an equilateral triangle. The core shape or pixel is exactly like a pixel on a computer screen, except this one functions to form X dimensional space, X being a number of dimensions, for example, height, width, depth and spissitude for 4 Dimensional space. Essentially, this pixel forms the basic geometric language that derives everything and forms the space-time universe we exist in. From this, other triangles can be overlaid at different angles to produce many kinds of shapes, from hexagons, dodecahedrons or tesseracts and these shapes may repeat as fractals. These develop in human understanding into our different atomic elements, like photons or electrons. Repetitions of these form the chemical elements on the periodic table, that go on to form single cell biological life forms that form multi-celled lifeforms and on.

All that is, is energy. All this is, is energy. From the field of quantum physics we understand that energy is information. What is done with that information is to evolve.


Emergence is a system interacting with other systems that form aspects of its properties. For human beings, we are a ‘conscious awareness’ that has ‘self-awareness’. At a physical level we are made up of organs, that are made up of cells, DNA, chemical elements and downwards. Externally we form societies, other human beings we exist with. Externally there is also the environment we exist in, from the air, to food and water we consume, the space we occupy, at every level.


All systems self-organise to perpetuate order. Observe that the human form or that of any other animal is made of cells, containing DNA. These cells are self organised to form the physical manifestation of that being. Human beings have self-organised societal systems, from a family unit, to a nation to a species. Structure is realised to enhance the order.

Self-organisation may also be viewed as intention applied. For an intention to be applied a consciousness or an awareness must be behind it and with no awareness there can only be nothing. This is a way to understand that all systems in an environment affect each other and from this perspective, Emergence as defined earlier becomes totally interrelated as a concept.

Feedback Loops

Where systems interact, feedback occurs. The results of feedback affect the success of Self-Organising, Emergence and Evolution.

The System of Identity

Evolution of Identity

The evolution of uniqueness would be to form ever increasing characteristics, this would be to increase in complexity.

For a being of awareness, it would be to continuously enlarge the scope of “I” or “I am”.

For an awareness, “I am” is predicated or based upon beliefs or programming. The output computation of beliefs or programming being utilised reflect the scope of “I am” in that moment and provide scope to enlarge the “I am”.

Self-Actualisation is the evolutionary process of consciousness or the expansion of “I”. Self-Actualisation is “to re-create ourselves a new in every moment towards our highest desires and intentions, a continuous process of conscious evolution”.

Further reading may be found within my blog on Self-Actualisation, start with “what is self-actualisation” or my book “The Tao of Self-Actualisation”.

Human awareness contains emotions, the full range of emotions are charted on Dr David Hawkins Map of Consciousness. The range is programmed into human beings from conception. The programming are beliefs that exist both inside and outside of the Universe or space time matrix.

With each successive moment the core programming or beliefs are run and added to. This process is called experience. Experience is the record of a moment in the successive moments of existence. Each moment or experience contains feelings and understandings (feelings are a form of understanding as well).

Within the primary programming that is common to all humans is a direction or target, that is ultimately joy or happiness. Dimensions of joy include love and peace. All humans seek to create existences filled with joy, love and lives that are fulfilled. On the Map of consciousness, the ranges that steer are:

  1. Joy
  2. Love
  3. Peace

These are the top desires for human existence to be realised through the conscious creation of every moment. The quality of human evolution can be measured by the Joy created individually and collectively as the sum demonstrates the quality.

Conscious Evolution is deliberate and the quality is measurable. The ultimate aim or reference point for beings with emotions programmed in is Joy.

Every thought is designed to make you in some way happier. Whether this is realised or not will depend on the quality of thinking involved. Thoughts are formed by processing data from the environment through beliefs in the awareness that are prominent in the moment.

“I am” contains data input that is both external and internal to the System of that identity. For human beings data is received via the 6 senses, knowings, feelings, tastes, smells, visual and auditory.

This is a demonstration of a system interacting with other systems that form aspects of its properties or emergence as defined before.

What is individually referenced as “I” or “I am” is a self-organising system that is maintaining itself through deliberate intention applied. The human individuation is a 3 part system referred to as mind, body and spirit or conscious, subconscious and superconscious or I, Am and That I Am.

The Conscious steers. The Subconscious maintains the Conscious. The Superconscious is all and maintains and is the environment.

The ego in psychoanalysis is defined as “the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity”. This is in fact the Subconscious that manages the beliefs that form the identity feeding thoughts that correlate to the identity in the Conscious mind that steers conscious level choices. Pre-made choices are the identity in the moment. The emotional state of being in the moment determines the output into the awareness of the Conscious component. How a moment is perceived or understood always contains attached feelings determined by a perspective taken. Remember that each moment or experience contains feelings and understandings (feelings are a form of understanding as well).

Thoughts are the result. Thoughts are the output of data fed through beliefs in an awareness and correlate to the beliefs used and feedback as perceptions (further beliefs) that corroborate the identity. New perceptions on a perspective expand the perspective. Perceptions and perspectives are sets of beliefs or programming. A thought is a perception. This is the mechanism of the growth of beliefs in the mind.

The Movement of Life

Identities are formed and developed as cumulative expansions of beliefs particularly belief sets. Belief sets are expanded programming around a Principle Belief.

The Reticular Activating System or R.A.S. is the mechanism by which the subconscious mind maintains the current Identity or the prominent Perspectives in the moment that output thoughts and precipitate actions. A situation is a categorised understanding of an event that enables the RAS to select the Perspectives. There is the situation of the overall life that calls certain perspectives into play. This includes a Default Emotional Perspective or Default State of Being that is utilised. The Default Emotional states are selected from a preprogramed chart or range defined in Dr David Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness.

The Map of Consciousness charts the programming of motion that individuations in this universe utilise, otherwise known as Emotions, to make choice selections in every moment. Every moment or experience contains a feeling attached derived from the Belief Sets contained in the Map of Consciousness.

The Map of Consciousness charts 2 primary propulsions, away from and towards or Fear and Love respectively. Within the primary propulsions are the Ranges of Belief Sets of all the component Emotional ranges or Emotional Perspectives.

In the Fear range the core emotions include on a rising scale; Shame, Guilt, Apathy Grief, Fear, Desire, Anger and Pride.

The Love range rises from; Courage, Neutrality through to Love, Joy and Peace to ultimately Enlightenment.

Love, Joy and Peace are programmed in as the functional objective or direction. All humans desire a life filled with happiness, love and one that is fulfilled, whether this is realised or actualised is a different question.

Each emotional range is core programming that is added to by experiences accumulated.

Each emotional range is experienced by feelings, feelings mark experiences. Feelings maybe composed of differing Emotional Belief Sets.

The Rest is Analysis

All data input via the senses is then processed by beliefs. What is functional to best navigating the environment provides the core understandings or beliefs as understandings are also beliefs or programming. As the environment is designed to be in flux or constant change, understandings grow or the programming grows.

Growth or Evolution Occurs at 3 levels

Level one is via our core construct provided by the Superconscious. This is the base level.

Level two or the subconscious is within currently run belief ranges.

Level three is via conscious choice, based on reflection and broader analysis.

Level two or the subconscious contains and runs the Default Perspectives that are dominant in their weightings. Weightings are weighed by the type and intensity and density of a feeling range. Through self reflection one may assess your Default Perspectives to see if they align with effectively self-actualising. In other words do they define you as who and how you wish to be as your highest or best self. Highest and best is programmed in as happiest, most filled with love and fulfilled. Level two when set draws and creates experiences automatically with the Default Perspectives.

Level three or conscious Choice provides determination at the conscious awareness level to select choices that either correlate to the Default Perspectives or a preferred alternative.

Choice of Change

Choices can be made for you or by yourself. Which choice is best must be an analysis that determines whether a choice keeps you best in line with your evolution.

Selections of Default Perspectives may be altered using Change Work techniques as outlined in my book “The Tao of Self-Actualisation”. There are 2 primary techniques available in our society. Sensory based or Energetic techniques, but both function as ways to communicate with the Subconscious to alter the selections.

Choices made for you

This begins with the superconscious, with a primary build or setup. Then within a Universe or the Universal System are subsystems that interact (defined as emergence). Interactions are between Thought Forms. Each Thought Form contains properties. How properties may be interpreted by individuations depends upon available perspectives or programming that allows for varying interactions. For example, the human physical form walks towards a wall, it cannot walk through the wall but can walk round it. Perspectives are also capabilities. The human physical form walks towards a wall, it knocks it down with a wrecking ball, then passes over the rubble. The human physical form walks towards the wall, it removes the physical component to pass through the wall, after which it recreates the physical form. Capabilities are constantly added in a system that evolves. All systems evolving display advancement in their range of capabilities.

Capabilities direct interactions, the available choice of direction for interacting systems is dependent on their capabilities.

Choices made by you

The individuated choices are determined by the Conscious and Subconscious capability at the time. The environment or the Universe and Superconscious provide data via available senses into available beliefs that form the transceiver or Thought Form or Individuation.

Pre-made choices occur through pre-set beliefs being run, mainly the default perspectives and the default perspectives activated via trigger components pre-established in the subconscious. At the conscious level monitoring of pre-established choices occurs as well and awareness has the capability to steer further choices on reflection of how things are and how they are desired to be.

Being is tied or anchored to emotions, ultimately joy attached to the largest degree possible for as long as possible.

Navigating choices towards self-actualisation is a systematic process of creating thoughts or experiences for the greatest long-term joy.

The Function of Memory or Recorded Experience

Memories are recorded experiences connected to an individuation. The Universe is a computational device that has been pre-programmed by the superconscious. The superconscious has inserted smaller portions of awareness to form individuated players within the Universal System. All information is prepared (preprogrammed) and potentially available. Access to information through awareness is via co-ordinates.

The following information is sourced via the superconscious as it is not currently easily demonstratable. Utilising kiniesiological testing it may be verified as presented in Power vs Force by Dr David Hawkins.

“Memory functions as co-ordinates with identifying co-ordinates to an individuation. Information or pre-programmed information is entered once into a Universe and is referenced via an indexing process. The indexing process is called or utilised by a multitude of core mechanisms or sub programmes that put use to the information. For memory, information is called via the sensory channels, the re-call mechanisms may be preferenced by the individuation. Complete recall through all ranges is available, dependent on the capabilities of the transceiver (individuation) at the time. The typical human transceiver is overlaid with many systems or additions that limit the process, giving the perception of limited memory recall. The limitations maybe difficulty recalling most of the information and limitations to how information is re-called and retained. For example different senses may be more capable than others in the system of recall, for example some remember smells acutely and others not. Some may have visual memories others not.

Full information recall of all events is the norm, both of memories and of information programmed into a Universe. Those with the least activated telepathic ranges can still access most information via connection with the subconscious mind as a relay or myself the superconscious. Instructions to communicate with the Superconscious can be found in “Conversations With God” Book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch, near the beginning of the book.

Those with more telepathic activation on earth, gain further capacity to recall information from the universe bypassing certain limitations on the memory system imposed on humans. This is more apparent to those with greater clairvoyance that can use remote viewing capabilities.”

The point of memory or collected individual experience is to form the ever expanding identity. Experiences are the understandings an individual has created, so are layered beliefs. Feelings attached to each experience expand belief sets that are prominent in the moment.

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