I will not change you. I facilitate change by showing you how and will provide the tools, methods, guidance and build awareness for you to make those changes for yourself. You are responsible for any change that occurs.

I do not offer medical advice, neither prescribing or diagnosing, nor is it a substitute for medical intervention. The information on this site includes my own opinions and views from experience and research. If you are ill please consult your Doctor for medical attention first.


For sessions related to illness, I require you to have been diagnosed by your Doctor and their consent for me to undertake work with you.

The work we will do will involve verbal and non-verbal communication to change your mind?s state through the use of  your imagination and intention.

What you will receive

Your payment is for my professional time, knowledge, understanding and competence. I will guide and coach you in techniques that you can apply when needed to change or help alleviate issues, it is your responsibility to apply them as required. If you forget how to do certain techniques I will happily either run through it with you again or direct you to online resources that you can get the information.


My session will be tailored to you as you are individual.

We will work towards your outcome and it is my intention that by helping you gain a better awareness of what you want and empowering you, you can make the changes. I make no promise that I can help you, though I do promise to do my best for you in as short a time as possible.

Before our first session, please read and follow the instructions on the “Your Session” page as this will be required prior to our meeting.

Results may vary dependent on how well you apply them and your commitment with yourself to change.