The Coronavirus message to the general public by Government and conveyed by the mainstream Media must change to reduce mortality and resulting poverty, please change it.

The communication and many measures being introduced by government will lead to increased poverty and death rates surrounding the entire Covid 19 debacle.

The current programme adopted by the UK Government is based on an expertly advised and produced strategy designed to induce fear, use coercion and create separation, that has and will herd the citizens with mob mentality over a cliff.

Here is the premise:

It is considered common knowledge amongst biologists, psychologists and medical practitioners that fear and stress supress the immune system as it generates chemicals that do this. This might be appropriate in immediate fight or flight scenarios as this is programmed into our autonomic system. However, for longer-term more complex issues, this is not useful and is in fact a more destructive response, so inappropriate given the situation and therefore wrong.

The immune system is currently the first and only line of defence against any disease, vaccine or no vaccine.

We live in a society where chronic stress is prevalent and this is the largest health issue medical establishments recognise wolrdwide. Chronic stress leads to a majority of chronic illnesses and is what the greatest amount of mortalities are attributed to globally.

Lowered immune systems plus Covid 19 with or without vaccine can only result in further mortalities. Lowered immune systems plus any other disease can only result in further mortalities.

For a vaccine to be most effective a stronger immune system must be necessary.

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Isolation through distancing, seclusion and barriers

It is well established that having inmates in prisons locked in isolation, causes much stress, that results over a period of time in many cases of depression and an increased prevalence of suicides or self-harming. Let alone the increase in susceptibility to further illness through chronic stress that must result. Whether practical or not social isolation, through “lockdown”, distancing or barriers (like masks) is being and has been enforced on the populace. Social distancing measures, extreme cleaning and mask wearing that are being enforced are powerful messages of amongst other things communicating “isolation”.

The language used by Government and its Media or communications arm carefully deliver a structured psychologicaly based set of communications separating people as either “responsible” or “irresponsible” based on whether they follow the Government stipulated guidance. This creates us and them mentality a basic fear based way of thinking.

When in fear a person is not open to performing analytical thinking.

This is highly important, as neuroscientists well understand that to enable reasoned thinking you must bypass the minds first set of situation determining filters (the amygdula in the brain) which asks the question, is this a threat?

If it is a threat then fight or flight is triggered. Therefore, the government’s perceptions of the “responsible citizen” or “irresponsible citizen” will activate, fight or flight mode. Trying to communicate using reason with someone in fight or flight does not work as this part of the brain is not allowed to be accessed as danger is present.  (Fear and anger tend to make one react).

What we see in the mainstream media and particularly the news through repetition and sensationalism have created and compounded this message. Look at the emphasis on wearing masks to save lives or imagery of “covid idiots” sitting close together on beaches or in crowded parks. The Government response to this imagery in the media was to enforce lockdown and distancing.

This isolation and separation type guidance is also forced upon businesses, that must follow the rules and enforce it on their clients to be able to remain in business.

Though the intention for isolating and distancing may be positive to reduce Covid 19, the actions stipulated will only produce the opposite result as many are stressed about it.

Humanity’s Survival

The majority of the UK population, like many other countries live hand to mouth in an environment filled with much stress. If you can’t work, you can quickly lose your home, not afford to feed the family or maintain what individuals perceive as independence. In enforced isolation you have the time to ponder this amongst other things (this statement is not scientifically proven, however your personal observations may confirm this).

A new world around the lessons of Covid 19 has been created and if you are like me it seems like one that is less joyful than before, with added stress and fear.

With the coming of the second wave and pending economic collapse, this will further add to stress levels and in practical terms result in more becoming destitute.

Happiness Tonic

Fear and stress lower the immune system. Where is the guidance and media driven set of communications to improve the “quality of life” that results in happiness and a much improved immune system to deal with all disease long-term?

If I was in the Governments shoes and the current measures had proven to be practical, how might I go about steering the Government message? Particularly as the original intention of the Covid 19 strategy was to slow the spread of this highly infectious disease. Therefore, the majority of the population will catch this, like the common cold (the Coronavirus is apparently part of the cold family.)

My strategy would have been to build awareness of the situation to all and start by focusing on the first and only line of defence, it would be to create a campaign to build happiness through the situation and beyond to strengthen the immune system of the nation. It would be important that if lockdown was important, to announce that it was and encourage all to do it. Most importantly, it would be a campaign that enabled the capacity for logical and analytical thinking throughout. So not valuing those that opt not to lockdown or social distance or wear masks, very important as mob mentality or us and them thinking would be a priority to prevent.

I would encourage and enable a wider variety of thinking on the subject and promote it via the media. Currently only a handful of government selected choices are presented in mainstream media.

I would setup think tanks and invest in the wellbeing sector to assist all in focusing on wellbeing and publicising as much as possible through mainstream media.

I would also aim to build awareness of mortality in the situation. Currently the government is trying to save all from Covid 19. The reality is, Covid 19 and all other issues occurring at this time will result in deaths. All citizens in this free country should have the freedom to choose their own destiny based on the best awareness of their situation. This is currently disenabled via many measures, whether through legislation or deliberately created beliefs manufactured by the Governments communications (eg us and them thinking).

Each individual, should have the right and be enabled to create their own informed decision and act on it based on their personal situation.

From this more tolerant and reasoned perspective, valuing others choices and respecting them may be managed and enabled.


I believe the Government must change their thinking and communication, to not do so will result in greater harm.

Focus on raising our quality of life by building happiness to boost our immune systems

Enable the freedom to allow informed personal choices and acceptance of others.

This will enable individuals and businesses to get on in a more positive way to rebuild their lives or organisations, ie the economy.

This will enable citizens to self-manage the Covid 19 situation reducing many national overheads, particularly as everyones circumstance, including ability to fight off the illness is individual.

The consequence of the current government direction:

  • The wrong focus for dealing with the pandemic has been taken – boost the nations immune system.
  • The type of communication surrounding the pandemic via Government and Mainstream Media utilising fear and coercion is the wrong toolset and must change.
  • The freedom of citizens has been reduced in a harmful way, through government orchestrated coercion.
  • Creating an environment to best creatively deal with the pandemic has been removed.

Important References

Government Fear Based Strategy

To see some of the expert guidance the UK Government has implemented please go here:

Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures, 22 March 2020

The Document is called, “Evaluation of options for increasing social distancing” This documents lists the governments protocol towards social distancing and then implementation.

Page 1 of the document referenced outlines the strategy for persuasion, it determines the persuasion required to be “perceived threat”. This method is designed to function at the amygdula level creating a fight or flight response, exactly what must be avoided. Understanding the situation through empirical data, would have been better, simply focusing on building awareness in the mainstream and offering options might have been more enabling and useful.

The document then emphasises “the perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging. To be effective this must also empower people by making clear the actions they can take to reduce the threat.” This whole statement alludes to instilling fear and then steering limited options that the government and mainstream media happen to be running. In this state it is difficult for individuals to best evaluate all the options, this is not enabling awareness of the situation most effectively.

The following section on Incentivisation recommends a campaign of social approval for desired behaviours. Social approval works at the level of fear, do what others believe is correct irrespective of whether it is actually correct or not. This is a flawed approach and does not enable the individual or encourage them to be best informed.

The next section is recommending Coercion. Coercion is used via legislation and social approval of what is called anti-social behaviour. To legislate, here takes away the personal responsibility desired to make an informed choice and act on it. The Covid 19 scenario is a new scenario being run by society with new data contiuously being produced. There is not enough data to legislate for this scenario here in a useful way.

These would be the key areas of concern with this document, though you can scrutinise it from this perspective through out and make your own judgement based on what mainstream media has displayed subsequent to the plublication of this analysis.

Please also review this article that also reviews the report for options to encourage adherence to social distance.

Government Strategy for Health and Wellbeing for Covid-19

You can access the guidance here:

There is no mention of fear suppressing the immune system or conversely being in a happier stress free state to boost the only thing that will save individuals from Covid-19. There is also no structured help to enable this, only some generic guidance to reduce stress covered in a minimal way. This should be the largest component.

Fear and Stress represses the immune system

Below are a few links to supporting science and understandings in this arena:

We live in a society of Chronic Stress and illness

The whole Coronavirus situation is compounded as our society has a very high incidence of chronic stress, due to the way we live. This means our immune systems are already in varying states of suppression.

Below are useful links to understanding the prevalence and main causes of chronic stress:

The neuroscience of persuasion – Fear based and analytical

This is called Neuroeconomics it is the science of how decisions are made in the mind and it highlights the different layers of the mind and how communications should be addressed through each level to attain a desired outcome.

What is important to understand is the “amygdala” or croc brain and how it operates as it deals with assessing fight or flight response type thinking. It is the first part of the brain for communications to pass through in a new situation or is the focal point for certain types of situations. Unfortunately being in fear does not functionally allow an individual to most effectivlely deal with analytical thinking. The ability to review empirical data presented from different sources to best form judgements is what is most required to best combat this situation.

An overview:

(The video above offers an excellent overview for the practical application of neuroeconomics, when pitching for business.)

The Psychological effects of Solitary confinement in Prisons

An example of alternative thinking with regards to Viruses.

Imagine that the fundamental science based around Viruses and Covid 19 is incomplete, might this affect what actions you took?

As an example, please explore the research and observations made by a Dr Kaufmen, an American natural healing consultant, inventor, expert witness and forensic psychiatrist. His observations if correct identify that the little strip of DNA/RNA covered in a lipid type substance that dissolves when handwashing. (This is the image the mainstream media use for the virus, the little red ball), may actually be part of the body’s immune response to a virus, what is more commonly known as an exosome. ( See here ). One would hope that the world’s scientists had not focused on exosomes as the virus, as it would raise the question, what actually are we dealing with and might refocus work on producing better vaccines faster.

If this little red ball is an exosome and part of the body’s immune response, then Dr Kauffmen indicates a small number of different things that would trigger the proliferation of these exosomes in this way. One likely candidate would be something emitting non-ionising radiation at certain frequencies. If this were correct one could track a virus through different means as well as identify it through its emission band.

It would be good to see investment to research this and results published to at least rule it out.

Please see a fuller presentation of his findings here:

Below is a useful reference from “a conversation with God”.

A Pandemic Strategy for the Future (From the Creator)

This is merely a suggestion, just utilise what works for you and leave the rest.


Build awareness of the situation through all concerned, this includes accepting data from all sources available. In practical terms, if you have the means to centrally capture information publicly of a pathogen and post it for what it is. This will include symptoms, rate of spread and outcomes. This data will become better over time.

The next data sets to collect related to outcomes are what effects the outcomes. This will be state of health and approaches to alleviate the situation. These need to be publicly available for all to access, to have the entire collective focussed on engineering the best outcomes.

Awareness requires transparency and honesty and openness.

Governments as enablers instead of dictators

The responsibility of a centralised governing body is amongst other things to enable the wellbeing of all. Fundamentally, it will enable freedom, particularly freedom of choice and lay the foundation with which all in society can have the best “quality of life”.

Governments merely need to co-ordinate to allow consensus particularly in the most dire of situations.

Quality of life should remain as high as possible during and after the event for all concerned. This would be the overreaching direction for any direction and assistance offered by a governing body.

Quality is how good something is, how good humans measure their life is ultimately by how happy they are and how much love there is, which circles back to joy and a life that is totally filled with joy would be one that is fulfilled.

So far, this has not occurred on earth. Information has not been shared in an open or consistent way with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic. The impetus to encourage all to participate in examining the situation and providing data centrally has not occurred. Governments are stipulating their plans through coercion, based on limited science and in a way that does not consider the wider frameworks of society, particular in maintaining or even elevating the “quality of existence” through the process. Coercion has taken the form of instilling fear through the inappropriate use of group consensus to coopt people into predefined behaviours, legislation has been created to penalise all of which is for the good of the people.

Most importantly, the means of producing the best outcomes has been narrowed by the process. There is little widely centralised collection and dissemination of the means to either mitigate, prevent or heal the situation, they are all available but as they are not widely known or given the chance to be explored widely, the correct consensus is stifled.

I take this point to introduce a compass to systematically improving and maintaining, “quality of life”, this was introduced via Neale Donald Walsch’s book, “Conversations with God 1” and are explored in there use by William Greenhouse in “The Tao of Self-Actualisation”. Utilise the Tools of Creation. This is how to steer your thoughts and actions to produce the best “quality of life”. All thoughts, like a strategy for a pandemic or policy should be assessed as to whether they bring joy to all concerned ultimately and where practical through the process. This requires communicating with all concerned to best enable this, the responses you get will reflect whether this is occurring. Having thousands take to the streets against a policy is a sign that it is not. Once a strategy is formed decide on appropriate actions, these must be practical. All actions should be measured as to whether they are considered loving actions to all concerned. Through this process utilise Awareness, Responsibility and Honesty to position yourselves in the best place. All concerned would be best to apply this.

Have the above things been used to create the strategy for the current pandemic? Might any of the above help in a practical way?

Please support this petition, it is currently up on the UK Governments website here: