This article takes a Self-Actualising perspective of spirituality stemming from all my articles on the subject and including the articles on formation, see also what is self-actualisation.

Spirituality may be defined as quality of life or quality of being

Think of life or a being as a system, that is interactive within a larger system and contains subsystems that are interactive and that contain further subsystems.

From the articles on Formation we can begin to elicit observable properties that form the system of life or the being.

The most defining properties relevant to Self-Actualisation are:

  • It contains beliefs or programming that grow.
  • It functions utilising a process called events or moments.
  • It deliberately evolves, utilising information from events run through its programming to create output.
  • Outputs are the realisation of beliefs.
  • Outputs are direction or intentions or thoughts.
  • Outputs maybe compounded or made manifest in larger ways through expansion and repetition.
  • Programming or beliefs form Identity. Identity is the formation of “I am” and “I am that I am” a singular Being.
  • Evolution for Consciousness is the expansion or growth of Identity (beliefs and programming).

The defining properties listed form the core qualities or core characteristics towards a system self-actualising.

Each quality or characteristic of the system is measurable and quality of life or spirituality is measurable. The most relevant measurements would relate to the primary functions of the system being evaluated.

Meaning: Spiritual is of innate feelings or beliefs or is pre-programmed

All systems can be understood as a mechanism. Mechanisms perform function. In any moment or point of change within a systems environment, the system or machination contains the sum of its programming to that point. Hence the system contains what has been pre-programmed. Beliefs are programmes. Feelings are also beliefs or programmes and are part of systems or beings that are programmed with emotions.

Human beings come into existence containing the capacity to feel through all the emotional ranges and contain many other innate beliefs or pre-programming.

Meaning: Spirit is a being

A being or a spirit or a soul are a system or mechanism that runs programmes. Spirits and beings are often referred to as the seat or foundational mechanism of emotions and character (set of beliefs that form identity).

A human being or spirit is a subsystem of life or our contained environment. Life or the environment or the over soul is the larger part of the spirit.

Application of the meanings of spirituality, spiritual and spirit towards self-actualisation

A human being or spirit is spiritual in construct. It is pre-programmed with two key observable components, emotional feeling ranges and belief sets. From the innate programming, every moment of change where the programming or beliefs are run feelings are generated as an output that attach to all experiences. Emotions and feelings are propulsive and engineer greater extents of actions. Actions are directed by intentions or thoughts. Feelings are a type of thought as well as belief. The Law of Karma is the underlying principle cause and effect or thoughts and actions. All thoughts are constructed to make the thinker in someway happier. Whether this is realised or not depends on the effectiveness of the thought in constructing that output.

Joy or happiness is the primary direction pre-programmed into human beings or spirits. Joy is a perspective and a perspective is a set of beliefs or programming for a particular output range. Love and peace make up the primary navigation with joy which may be elicited by the innate desire held for a life of greater joy, love and fulfilment.

To be in spiritual alignment would in this context be to be true to the innate programming, that aims to output ultimately greater amounts of joy, utilising the dimensions of love and peace (via satisfaction). As human beings are part of the greater spirit (aka God, Brahman, Allah, Source, Intelligent Infinity, the largest part of you/me) and we are made in its likeness then this concept maybe understood as Divine Spiritual Alignment.