This article takes a Self-Actualising perspective of feelings stemming from all my articles on the subject and including the articles on formation, see also what is self-actualisation.

Feelings may be defined as an amalgam of emotions with a logic utilised in a moment of experience or emotions felt

Think of life or a being as a system, that is interactive within a larger system and contains subsystems that are interactive and that contain further subsystems.

From the articles on Formation we can begin to elicit observable properties that form the system of life or the being.

The most defining properties relevant to Self-Actualisation are:

  • It contains beliefs or programming that grow.
  • It functions utilising a process called events or moments.
  • It deliberately evolves, utilising information from events run through its programming to create output.
  • Outputs are the realisation of beliefs.
  • Outputs are direction or intentions or thoughts.
  • Outputs maybe compounded or made manifest in larger ways through expansion and repetition.
  • Programming or beliefs form Identity. Identity is the formation of “I am” and “I am that I am” a singular Being.
  • Evolution for Consciousness is the expansion or growth of Identity (beliefs and programming).


The defining properties listed form the core qualities or core characteristics towards a system self-actualising.

Self-Actualisation is a process and a process is a continuous set of actions. The system of consciousness is dynamic as it evolves or expands and it expands through action.

The feelings of systems programmed with emotions represent feedback of the motivational choices made. The sum of the emotional feedback is utilised to measure performance towards self-actualisation.

Understanding the function of Feelings

Feelings are an output of a prior experience that are added to the system of perspectives utilized to navigate the environment (internal and external). They are also a form of meaning and are a type of belief or programming that precipitates motion or actions, in other words our drive.

Key Observations on feelings:

  1. Feelings are created in every moment of experience
  2. Feelings compound
  3. Feelings can be expressed
  4. Feelings can be changed
  5. Feelings can be suppressed
  6. Feelings can be repressed
  7. Feelings drive us

Feelings are always created

Feelings are created in every moment of experience and are stored to form the emotional part of each experience.

The sum of the emotional experience can be utilized to measure the proportion and degree of self-actualisation towards a desired life.

Feelings Compound and Ingrain

Feeling ranges compound every time they are used. This structure grows and expands within your identity. That is, they grow in prominence and power.

Expression of feelings

Feelings created in the moment can be expressed internally and outwardly and can be understood as emotions felt. This is functionally desired when the feelings are effective towards enabling one’s self-actualisation, so the realization of one’s highest desires.

Feelings are the energy of motion utilized in a moment, the expression, and form your emotional state of being.

That is feelings felt add to your perspective of life or your reality. Feelings expressed travel outwards, so are communicated as the emotional state of your being.

Feelings can be changed

Feelings are an amalgam of emotions with attached logic; they may be changed in part or in their entirety. The change of feelings can be organized retrospectively. Individuals have the capacity to sort through their past experiences or memories and alter the feeling or emotional amalgam to better suit their desired quality of life.

Experiences are successive and form a growing perspective (set of beliefs or evolution of your programming). For the newly formed perspective, the emotions and logic selected may be altered for future use in a desired way to improve one’s desired quality of life. If you want to change how you feel about something to alter your behavior, you can change old feelings for new ones to better respond to situations in a desired way that is pre-planned.

Suppression of feelings

This is a conscious effort to suppress a direction or behavior, that is deemed not helpful in expressing either internally or externally. A change in what is reactively or automatically expressed is substituted at a conscious level.

Repressed Feelings

These are feelings that are automatically generated from currently held beliefs outside of conscious awareness. The feelings continue to add to the perspective. The expression is masked by another perspective that has been overlaid. Repression can be unmasked when the power of the perspective overrides the masking perspective. Dependent on the logic set attached to the feelings will determine when the power exceeds the masking perspective.

Our Drive is from feelings

Emotions are the energy of motion, feelings direct and propel our actions. Feelings form within our being or consciousness and manifest through the cascade of our structure. Information or propositions from the environment are interpreted by our beliefs from which the output feelings go to produce the physiological responses via the nervous system upwards to producing movement to all the outward forms of our doings.

Working with Feelings

Feelings can be selected. Feelings can be selected for past experiences and future. This is the key to Self-Actualisation.

Change the Past

Past experiences or memories can be revisited and the emotional amalgam and meaning (logic set) can be altered. Either both the emotional amalgam and logic maybe altered or just one part, dependent on what enables Self-Actualisation most effectively.

An example could be making peace with what has occurred in the past. Or deciding that what was bad is actually good.

If a feeling range is unhelpful in the behaviours (thoughts and actions) it precipitates, you can clear the motivational power and logic it propels. Remember that over time, feelings compound, so they become more prominent or entrenched. One may clear the whole set if it is dis-enabling of most effectively Self-Actualising and replace with more enabling emotions and logic.

Create the Future

Your current state of being determines the thoughts and feelings that you produce in a moment. Your being is formed by the set of perspectives (sets of beliefs) you utilise in the moment. One’s core prominent values will define your default emotional state.

Assessment of one’s current state and setting one’s desired core emotional values will be the work required. This will then output the desired feelings to feedback into the system. See the article on How to Self-Actualise.

Note that Self-Actualisation is the process of creating and realising your highest desires and intentions. By focusing on what you ultimately want, allows you to direct yourself towards expressing who and how you want to be. Joy, love and peace are the highest key values to put in place. Amending your past so that you are being more of what you desire will enable the direction.

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