This article takes a Self-Actualising perspective of feelings stemming from all my articles on the subject and including the articles on formation, see also what is self-actualisation.

Feelings may be defined as an amalgam of body sensations with a logic utilised in a moment of experience

Think of life or a being as a system, that is interactive within a larger system and contains subsystems that are interactive and that contain further subsystems.

From the articles on Formation we can begin to elicit observable properties that form the system of life or the being.

The most defining properties relevant to Self-Actualisation are:

  • It contains beliefs or programming that grow.
  • It functions utilising a process called events or moments.
  • It deliberately evolves, utilising information from events run through its programming to create output.
  • Outputs are the realisation of beliefs.
  • Outputs are direction or intentions or thoughts.
  • Outputs maybe compounded or made manifest in larger ways through expansion and repetition.
  • Programming or beliefs form Identity. Identity is the formation of “I am” and “I am that I am” a singular Being.
  • Evolution for Consciousness is the expansion or growth of Identity (beliefs and programming).


The defining properties listed form the core qualities or core characteristics towards a system self-actualising.

Self-Actualisation is a process and a process is a continuous set of actions. The system of consciousness is dynamic as it evolves or expands and it expands through action.

The feelings of systems programmed with the body’s sensory system provide feedback of the environment. The sum of the body sensory feedback is utilised to navigate towards further self-actualisation.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay