“If I could learn anything in this life, it would be the lessons of love, as a model of the world I will apply it to all situations of the mind, body and spirit until the model breaks and it is time to look for a new one.”

So how do lessons of love apply to change work?

Change workers like myself will be presented with two types of people, but really there is only one type, just those who are more advanced than others.

Stuff to fix

Firstly those that have issues holding them back, whether it is considered issues of the mind or the body or the spirit.

My father was recently diagnosed with cancer, a rare type that effects the blood, through the bone marrow. Though in it?s early stages it was a shock to the system. I offered to help in any way that I could, knowing that he did not really believe in what I do, but he agreed as I said whatever you do to heal yourself, give yourself options.

So I asked him, what do you want me to help with?

Confidence / self-worth was his reply as he felt very low, on a scale of 0 ? 10 (10 being the best or what you are born with) he said 4. So I set about asking his unconscious to identify the emotions related to the cancer and traced every occurrence through his life, which started from his youth and allowed him to clear those emotions. I then asked his unconscious mind if it could heal him, it said yes, so I asked it to implement the process. By the end of the session his confidence grew naturally up to 10.

A week later, I found that my work had been destroyed, mainly by his conscious mind that was not in a good state, I could tell by his responses to me when we spoke that he was not really on form. So I sat him down and simply had a father son heart to heart. From my questions it became clear he saw no future for himself, which is the worst place to be when trying to heal anything, as it creates a what?s the point attitude and brings acceptance to an imminent doom which allows doom to manifest.

He felt a failure as many of his wonderful aspiritations over the years and they where visionary where doomed to failure, mainly because he had never quite had the confidence to push that extra mile and some of the people involved where not right to make things happen and there where betrayals along the way. I did my best to illuminate that this was not something that should taint his life, which I think eventually got through to him.

It was brought up to me by a contemporary that forgiveness had not been covered in my work. So I gave my father a protocol for forgiveness from himself to himself and others that had hurt him and gratitude on a daily basis.

Repressed anger is said to be a strong ingredient in the development of cancers amongst many other conditions. Feelings of failure, bitterness, betrayal, added to over time grow into a large stack hidden away. Emotions are the propulsion we use in our lives to manifest things, literaly. Love is connected to healing, clearing the anger though forgiveness which requires love is a lesson worth learning and practicing. Gratitude on a daily basis is an excellent ritual to take a moment and express love which just makes you feel good. Fill yourselves with those feelings instead. I just hope it helps him in his journey to let go of the fuel that drives his cancer. Time will tell.

Stuff to improve

Then you have the type of person that needs help finding and clarifying their perfect way. I love these and have enjoyed many hours working on this for myself.

We are creators, we have the gift of free will, the freedom to choose, even though at times it may seem like you don?t have a choice.

My first go to with anyone in this scenario is to help build their personal compass so that they know congruently if they are on path to their destination, by the elicitation of someone?s primary values. With these consciously in place you can also help someone realise what they should be doing.

Values are a person?s primary positive drivers, what is most important to them. They always have an order. Normally I would ask you to imagine you went fast forward to the very end of your life and to look back, asking, ?what would you have had or done more of??, ?What was most important to you??

From these simple questions you can begin to elicit the core underlying values a person has, which can range from things like, Health, Family, Friendship, Fun, Helping, Flow and on.

These values are integral to your makeup and strongly determine how happy you will be. Aligning these with a vision for your future, provides the positive emotional fuel to getting something you actually want, even if it is just experiencing the journey as this is what you live.

What are values?

Values are complex belief programmes or structures that we run that give us our identity. Being yourself, truly yourself means that you can live a life that is not only happy but fulfilled. In the lessons of love, you are loving and honouring yourself and the world around you by being true and are open to learning more lessons of love.