I am here to help you

If you are having trouble with:

  • difficult emotions
  • habits
  • behaviours

Please get in touch


If you are stuck?

Taking responsibility for your health and wellbeing is hugely empowering.

Many problems we have in life that seem insurmountable or overwhelming can be dealt with. Its always good to have a helping hand at these points.

Emotions of illness

Your body is designed to heal itself. Clearing the emotional component of an illness helps to clear the path.

Trauma, Anxiety, Anger, Grief

What you feel YOU FEEL and it is real, but don?t let out of control emotions ruin and run your life.


You don?t have to live with a phobia, if it does not serve you and holds you back and as impossible as it may seem now, you can eliminate it from your life forever.

Weight Loss

Get your head right and the body will follow. The help with weight loss and living a better lifestyle programme compliments whatever exercise or dietary changes you are undertaking.

What do you really need?

Please remember, I can help you change how you feel about something, modify beliefs that you may hold, re-focus your unconscious mind. This can be used in all manner of ways, from breaking destructive behaviours, clearing pent up emotions, breaking old bad habits and creating new positive ones. If you have something you don?t see listed, just contact me.