This article is about the formation of the self or how you and I are constructed. We are beings of consciousness and our real structure or skeleton are the sets of beliefs held.

The Cascade

From beliefs form the physical thought form (body) and conscious form. The conscious form is first and creates the physical thought form (body). Please review the article on Formation to understand the empirical based evidence that provides the background to base this article.

The individuated form is output in the following order or cascade:

  1. Universal Awareness
  2. Universal pre-programmed data and beliefs. Universal intention.
  3. Individuated Awareness and beliefs.
  4. Individuated expression of intention
  5. Interplay of communicated expressions of intention from the universal environment.

The Conscious Construct

Individuated Awareness and beliefs are contained within and without the Space-Time thought form.

The Space-Time thought form is the physical manifestation of the universe as a construct. A universe is a computational device within a larger awareness.

The individuated form contains 3 primary components:

  1. Conscious awareness
  2. Subconscious awareness
  3. Superconscious awareness

Conscious awareness may be viewed as a capacity to run concurrent thoughts.

A typical human runs between 7 plus or minus 2 concurrent thought processes. The subconscious which manages and maintains internal sub-systems runs many millions of thought processes concurrently. The superconscious runs everything.

Thoughts maybe viewed as choices. At the Conscious Awareness level this is the top level steering and awareness of the environment.

Life is Motion and E-Motion

Motion is an underlying mechanism that enables humans to form experiences.

Human awareness of life is experiential.

Motion is formed from a type of belief set called emotions. Emotions are charted on the Map of Consciousness as elicited by Dr David Hawkins (Power vs Force). Emotions are also perspectives. Each emotional range within Fear and Love produce ranges of correlated feelings. Emotions and feelings form away from and towards directions of motion with varying intensity.

Experiential Output

Memories are stored experiences within the individuation. The components of memory include all sensory data detected through the available senses of events and is affected by their capacity to filter data at the time. Attached to the sensory data are feelings associated with the experience. This marks the experience and understandings or perceptions are created and associated. The sensory data are essentially co-ordinates stored in the local individuation, that link to the pre-programmed data available within the selectable options of the universe. The experience may be altered retrospectively, that is the associated feelings may be altered that alter the experience, ideally as the individuation would desire. The events are the events that occur and provide the raw data. At the level of understanding or the overlay of perceptions, these too may be altered, to the extent of masking the original or actual events.

Overarching Direction and Purpose of the Individuated Form

What unifies all humans is the pre-programmed drive towards Self-Realisation or Self-Actualisation. Essentially this maybe viewed at the level of emotion to strive for lives abundant with joy, love and peace (or fulfilment).

An Application of the Individuated Formation model towards Physical Illness

The Individuated form is seeded from an original universal intention. The intention is to Self-Realise.

Whatever the situation is with illness or dis-ease the desired end result would be to create the most practical, efficient and effective means to continue the process of Self-Realisation in the fullest way possible.


At the top level is the primary programming or sets of beliefs that form the perfect output.

In every moment experiences are output and recorded. Then new beliefs are overlaid, that add to existing beliefs.

Beliefs can be viewed as either further understandings or feelings (which are the e-motion component of understandings). Feelings have the power to fuel the prominence of beliefs utilised. Strong feelings associated to a belief prioritise its use in a situation.

Regarding Physical Formation

The subconscious runs this and maintains it. Are there overlaid beliefs from the original programme that are contributing to the undesired output?

Is there an environmental factor contributing to the undesired output?

This universe is a conscious construct and cause and effect or Karma is the mechanism by which everything functions. Cause and effect may also be considered Thought and Action.

The environment is the interplay of thought forms affecting the individuation.

Thought forms may appear as physical matter or radiations or simply others thoughts received by the mind of the affected individuation.

Remediation through EpiBeliefs

Everything in the universe is the result of programming. What data is entered and passed through the programme produces a consistent output.

Therefore, to change the output change the data entered or the programming utilised.

In every situation the best course of action is defined by what data input may be varied and what alterations to the programming will best produce the desired output.