Realise your highest desires and intentions.

This requires some introspection and goal setting or ultimate outcome setting as it will result in a way of existence.

You will need to succeed in your inner as well as outer game, which are mutually inclusive.

That about sums it up.

Isn’t life simple!

Be, Do, Have in that order

Innately we are all drawn to be happier, more loved and fulfilled through our existence. These equate to emotional ranges that we can deliberately exist in. These are the emotional levels of Peace, Love and Joy.

Be First

The core emotions are also perspectives from which to view the events that occur in our existence. Perspectives result in perceptions; these are our understanding of our situations or the reality we live in. To Self-Actualise is to deliberately select how we exist.

Choose the Core Perspectives to prioritise in your life, they must start with peace, love and joy, then at least 3 others to direct your existence.

Peace, love and joy can be in whichever order you desire but must be 1,2 and 3 in the order of Primary Perspectives or Core Values by which you conduct your existence.

Further Core Values may be elicited through introspection as to what is most important to you in your existence, then they simply need to be prioritised and the criteria by which all of your values are met created, so that you recognise and track your progress.

All Core Values equate to sets of feelings; this is how you will recognise they have been met.

Your progress then becomes quantifiable by seeing and noticing the resultant feelings equated to the Core Values which all equate to feelings anyway, to know that they are being met, as I mentioned before.

IE if you want to be happier, are you firstly being happy first, or coming from that perspective of joy? As well as defining actions or behaviours that result from happiness or joy, have you planned having the things that bring you joy or make you happier?

To elicit your core beliefs, you can imagine yourself in the future, at the very end of your existence. Look back at all you have done and ask yourself what would you have wanted more of? List the things that pop into your mind and set their priority.

What you are looking for are words that for you naturally describe the Core Value. These types of words are known as nominalisations. They are words that cannot be contained or do not fit into a wheelbarrow. I want “money” is not a nominalisation as money can be contained in a bank account. I want to be “rich” or “wealthy” might be the inherent Core Value. “Adventure” could be considered a Core Value, it cannot be placed into a container. Notice that the nominalisations need to be generalisations or wide terms that encompass how you want to conduct your existence, as opposed to specific things.

Once you have a few enabling general Core Values, prioritise them. You do this by asking, is this more important than that? And run through all the items in your list.

Prioritise your Primary Core Values

You can do this in many ways, I coach people how to do this in a variety of ways. The most basic is simply to focus on your values daily and examine what has been going on and what will occur by the values. Or you can use hypnosis, NLP, Energy Tapping or any number of techniques to set the Perspectives at the forefront of the mind.

Another simple way to set or better install the Values you want to focus on is to use Gamut point tapping. Decide on the Value or enabling belief to install or elevate. Look at the top of your hand (either hand will do) and look for the groove between the little finger and next finger. Tap for 45 seconds to a minute vigorously in the groove about halfway along the length of your hand. Then say something like the following: (using the example of “Adventure”)

I desire Adventure
I will Adventure
I love Adventure
I Adventure
I am Adventure

The above example helps to install this identity statement or belief within your mind.

Repeat statements like these that embody your Core Value, you will feel it install and check to see where it goes on your prioritised list of values.

Below is an example of prioritising:

I am love
I am love
I am Love
Love is number 1

I am Joy
I am Joy
Joy is number 2

I am Peace
Peace is number 3

Play around with it, whatever works best for you, check to see if your priority feels right afterwards, by asking if X is more important than Y and notice your feelings. Adjust accordingly until you are happy.

Your Core Values should be prioritised to become core identity statements that you could say about yourself. An identity statement being, I am something, something, something. If your core values don’t come easily as identity statements, you can tap them in. You can tell by how you feel relating to an identity statement. For example, say I am love, I am peace, I am joy. And notice how you feel as you say these.

Target and Monitor Progress

You are tracking feelings here that equate to your outcomes. All Core Values equate to sets of feelings and you can use them to measure your success. As feelings will be all that is left of your experience, what ever you think you have created.

You want to monitor time spent in the feelings and intensity. You can simply chart this if you want.

Perspectives that you might be Stuck in or Unhelpful Beliefs

One common issue with making these changes, is that you may have beliefs that are held in place that do not enable you to most efficiently Self-Actualise. For these seeing a change worker to clear you of these beliefs is beneficial. Alternatively, you can follow my tapping regiment or spin technique to deconstruct these beliefs. They will be held in place most often by compounded negative emotions, simply release the emotions to let go of the belief. This can be done for any trauma or just a belief that is dis-enabling of self-actualising.

Do and Have Second

Now that you have focused on your emotional outcomes for your existence, these actually form your highest desires and intentions. The next step, which most people are more familiar with as adding how you want to realise those top end intentions and desires.

In other words, what you want to do with yourself and what you want to have that assist in helping you bring more of those feelings. It could be a lifes mission to accomplish something, build a business, grow your family or whatever it is.

The trick here is to map the doings and havings so that you recognise they are being accomplished and the primary notification are the feelings generated by all of this.

One way to do this, is to list your “doing” aspirations and “havings”. Then next to each point identify how you will recognise you have these by basing it on feelings through your senses. I tend to run through my senses to elicit ways that I would recognise that I had what I set out for.

For example, I desire a loving relationship.

I will know I have this, when I feel passionate for my lover and accepted just as I am and freely loving them. When they touch me I will feel warmth. I will see them smiling and will feel happy and comfortable and whole. When I smell them it will feel reassuring and at times of making love it will feel intoxicating. When I listen to them breath, I will feel drawn to them.

So you can run through all your senses and imagine different situations you desire in your relationship and notice the feelings you desire.

WARNING: In this example make sure you don’t create a list of unrealistic expectations or set expectations of your lover, as love is freedom not only for you but for your lover. This is covered later with the use of the Tools of Creation.


Systematically Succeeding with the Inner Game and Outer Game

Staying focused on Peace, Love and Joy as your ultimate outcomes is easily messed up. It is messed up entirely by not properly focusing on bringing these things through your thinking and actions or behaviours or what you create.


The Tools of Creation

The Tools of Creation are:

Thoughts – Communications – Actions

Essentially this is the process we run through to do anything. You have an initial thought or desire or choice and then you communicate to yourself in your mind about it. The communications could be an inner voice, feelings (the propulsion or compulsion), images, knowings or whatever that pertains to the Thought. The culmination of the Thought and Communications (sub-thoughts effectively) result in some kind of Action or Behaviour.

The misuse of this tool has led to not only individual’s but societies downfall into emotional misery. And it is down to lack of education and consistent application.

This is the Inner and Outer game.

To Self-Actualise properly requires you as an individual to take responsibility and apply this manifestation or reality building process consistently for yourself and for Society to do the same. This way you also will have an environment that will support Self-Actualisation as some may be better at the Inner game than others. Though we all use the Tools of Creation every moment of our existence.

What is great is that you can install the necessary beliefs to run this automatically in your thinking process for Self-Actualising.

How to Use the Tools of Creation to Self-Actualise

To Self-Actualise is something we all are driven to do innately, so we must account for all in the process.

To Self-Actualise we must focus on our highest intentions or the core emotional outcomes we desire deliberately, particularly when using the Tools of Creation. This is a deliberate act often overlooked.

There are 3 principles that will assist or enable the best outcomes when utilising the Tools of Creation. Awareness, responsibility and honesty in our thoughts and actions and incorporating the environment including others affected by the original intention or Thought. And a dose of Practicality as there is no point trying to do what cannot be realistically achieved.


Aim these at Joy emotionally for all concerned.

This is a key intention and is sometimes known as the Sponsoring Thought. It may come as a decision or choice as well.

The Sponsoring Thought must be one that brings or could bring Joy to all concerned or affected by this use of the Tools of Creation.


The communications are actually sub thoughts that pertain to the Sponsoring Thought. These also include feelings as this represents immediate motivation to act.

Essentially are the sub-thoughts or feelings towards the Sponsoring Thought joyful? Or could they be joyful? Another way to put this is to ask if the Communications reflect the joy the Sponsoring Thought brings or could bring. This needs to be applied to all parties concerned. Do others related to the Sponsoring Thought reflect the joy that the thought does or could bring?

You must include the communications of others in this process to reflect the ability of the Thought to bring Joy.

Actions or Behaviours

If the main Thought can or does bring joy to all concerned, which is reflected by the communications about it internally and externally by others concerned, then act.

What action to take and if not immediately obvious, must be one the could be considered a loving action to or by all concerned. Good questions to help with this include: What would love do now? Are these loving actions?

Assisting the Creation Process

The following principles should be applied to all concerned with the Sponsoring Thought.


Awareness of yourself and others situations with regard to the impact that the Sponsoring Thought and Actions may have.

Responsibility start by taking personal responsibility to act and then be responsible for others that the creations concerns.

Honesty look at things as they are, when examining the situation for yourself or from the perspective of others concerned. Filter out what is imagined, so try and deal with the facts available. Also this means honest communication with others concerned and yourself.


Be practical in the process. If a thought does not work change it. If an action is not possible change it or the thought. Do the best you can with what you have. Be creative through every aspect of the process.

Putting it all together

Thought: I want to make love with my lover

Who are the parties involved? Me and my lover

Communications: Does this thought bring joy to me and my lover or could it?

Yes, I feel the anticipation now and as I talk about it with them, they are excited too.

Practicality: I say, shall we head to the bedroom now?

“No we can’t we have plumber arriving”

Actions: Are these loving actions or what love would do now?

After the plumber we head to the bedroom to do the business.

And do loving actions.

On reflection:

Awareness: was I aware of the situation and those involved?

Responsibility: Did I take responsibility of myself in the situation and any others concerned?

Honesty: Where we honest in what we desired, was that reflected in the communications?


Above is the thinking structure, see another example, towards bringing world peace go hear.

The Tools of Creation, provide a structured thinking process to resolve any potential conflict, or difference of opinion in a fundamentally simple way by unifying the perspective of all to one that all would be happy to take. Namely peace, love and joy. Differences in opinions only come about as a result of different perspectives taken.

This is a key tool in the process of Self-Actualisation.