In one word, with “Love”.

Or more descriptively use sex or the principle of sex to literally do it.

This is how you do it.

Our differences as individuals should be celebrated and unite us, but all too often our differences are a cause for separation and conflict.

It is always a difference of opinion that is not reconciled that causes conflict, conflict really being a way to reconcile that difference, perhaps not always in a way that elevates all.

An opinion is always based on a perspective taken, if we all had the same perspective the odds are that the same opinion or similar understanding would be made.

Think of a perspective as a set of beliefs you run in your mind that generate certain types of thoughts and perceptions. Perceptions are again a set of beliefs but are the result of a particular perspective at the time that constitute ones understandings at the time or ones reality.

Unify Our Predominant Perspectives

What I am suggesting here is that if we unified our core perspectives and highest outcomes in our existence and be considerate of others, peace may be found and perpetuated.

How on earth do you do that?

It may very well be easier than you imagine and in its simplicity, you will find its power.

There are innately within all of us three key drives. To be happier through our existence, to feel or find love and to feel fulfilled.

1. Happiness
2. Love
3. Fulfillment

These equate to 3 key emotional levels that we can all exist in, Joy, Love and Peace.

Emotions are also perspectives. Imagine now how you look at a situation when you are angry as opposed to feeling peaceful. The outcomes would likely be quite different. That’s not to say that anger is not appropriate or useful. It simply has its place especially if you use it to elevate your emotional levels and those of others.

Emotions fundamentally break down to Love or Fear, all other emotions and feelings are derivatives. Love and fear can be looked at as motion. Fear is away from, whether through fight or flight and withdrawal within. Love is a towards motion, embracing.

All conflict stems from mixed approaches by all to find happiness and secure it.

This is mixed or muddled thinking.

Be utterly selfish when it comes to conflict resolution. When you remember your innate drives for happiness, love and fulfilment and the fact that we exist in a society, with others. The most practical thinking approach is to draw others to you, which can be done through loving actions to all and by having thoughts or making your choices in consideration to bring happiness or joy to all.

Do these two things and peace will have a far better chance of being generated as a result. A bit like sex with your lover. The thought of doing It with someone you are excited by is a joyful thought, particularly if it is reciprocated. Then it is a joyful thought for and by both parties. And the actions that result are certainly loving actions by all concerned. Ending in peace after climax.


Bring about peace by unifying everyone’s predominant perspectives of life. Peace, love and joy, remind all that these are our primary outcomes in life as feelings to know that we become happier through our existence, more loved and fulfilled.

Tie this together with deliberate manifestation processes, by creating your realities deliberately with the outcome emotional ranges targeted, peace, love and joy. This is done by measuring all thoughts we have by whether they can bring joy to all and measuring all resulting actions to ultimately be loving actions to all. Simply ask yourself, could this thought bring joy to all concerned? And could these actions be considered loving actions to all?

If we all thought like this out of habit, what difference would it make to our existence our reality our world at war?

(Photo by from Pexel)