One of my personal missions is to see the eradication of all autoimmune diseases by 2040.

Bold statement, but clear outcome and timescale.

In this article I will outline an approach that I am exploring and would invite others in my field to explore with me, as well as to identify alternative approaches that equal the same result.

What is an Autoimmune Dis-ease?

?Immune system disorders cause abnormally low activity or over activity of the immune system. In cases of immune system over activity, the body attacks and damages its own tissues (autoimmune diseases). Immune deficiency diseases decrease the body’s ability to fight invaders, causing vulnerability to infections.? From

Conditions commonly include: Arthritis, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Celiac disease, Rheumatism, Addison?s disease, Thyroiditis and on?

What is the model I am taking?

Based around the research of Dr Bruce Lipton?s new field in science called Epigenetics that indicates that rather than our genes determining what we become, Epigenetics suggests that it is actually the environment that determines what our genes output. Genes are simply blueprints of what is possible, but what they end up producing is determined by the environment they are in.

One of the important and most powerful factors on steering our environment are our beliefs particularly the unconscious belief programmes we run automatically in our life.

Well I work with the unconscious mind helping people reprogramme it to deal with issues in life to generative change, so moving towards what they actually want.

This requires working with changing emotions and belief structures, together these equal an outcome or behaviour. Emotions are the fuel that determine the momentum we have towards something and the belief structures are programmes that determine how essentially we respond to a given situation.
Now the unconscious mind does at least 95% of the work in your mind, running everything from your heart rate, managing your movements, your cognitive processes and managing your immune system.

The model I am taking ? Your unconscious mind creates what we call autoimmune dis-ease, so could it not undo it?

If our unconscious mind runs programmes that generate the Autoimmune dis-ease or imbalance, then with the correct re-programming perhaps it would be able to balance the response that takes away the imbalance we call an autoimmune disease.

More than that I would look for the unconscious mind to run its default programmes for healing to repair the damage done by the autoimmune disease as far as it can physically do that.

So I suppose, I am hypothesizing that a mixture of emotions and unconscious beliefs are THE CAUSE of an autoimmune dis-ease or imbalance. Resolve these and potentially the autoimmune condition goes away.

Fix the cause and bring back balance might be an elegant approach to this topic.

In my opinion the pharmaceutical industry has already proven that this can work countless times. What in their tests you call the placebo effect is a direct communication with someone?s unconscious mind that they will heal and that suggestion is enough to change what is required by that person to heal. Researchers at Harvard university suggest that the placebo effect actually constitutes up to 50% of the positive changes in a drug.

What needs to happen?

Good approaches need to be developed to test this work.

Did you know you can simply ask the unconscious mind if it is currently capable of fully healing something?

However from experience I know that changes made can be tampered with, by a persons conscious mind, not believing or allowing a change to external authority figures, eg a Doctor saying something innocent but factual in their field like, currently there is no cure for this, but we can try to make your shortened life more comfortable by going through this or that painful treatment that has horrible side effects.

One may be able to get the information that the Unconscious says it can heal itself, but enough unconscious beliefs that support the change need to be brought into effect to sustain the change with emotional strength of intent.

In simplistic terms, I speculate that to get consistent and better results, one could make a focused change for a specific condition. Then a larger more broad change would be required to help support that outcome.

Variety of solutions

I can think of quite a few different approaches to this, which I would like to test and am testing.

From my understanding, the unconscious mind communicates in a different way to our logical but easily overloaded conscious minds.

However, the underlying means is via a clear intent. What is your intent? Changing the programming can be done using energetic modalities like Tapping, Energy healing modalities like Reiki or through imagery or metaphors and direct suggestion or a combination.

Strategic Deployment

Working with people that have a condition and being able to deal with it is one option that I would like to develop. The second option that should work with it is of course prevention.

For prevention to work under this model, the following question would need to be explored. How would you reprogramme belief structures on a large scale ideally in our children, so that they can live without producing an autoimmune disease and instead run more supportive programmes for their lives?

Collaboration would be good

I am looking for change workers in different modalities to test approaches, contact me if you are interested and sponsors to help develop the work.