Clearing the emotional component of illness

Do you suffer from a major or chronic illness?

Clear your path to healing. Cleanse the emotions that relate to your illness

Science is catching up

Your body is designed to heal itself.

There is growing scientific evidence that repressed emotions can contribute to the development of disease.

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Emotions and illness

It has long been established in western medicine that chronic stress can bring about heart disease and there is growing research relating repressed anger to the formation of cancer.

For alternative healers, this is nothing new.

According to teachings and work by people like Inna Segal and others, there is a belief that there is an emotional component to all illnesses. Clearing these key components to an illness or condition will assist in the healing process.

Sometimes people intuitively know what emotion their illness may relate to, but other times it takes a direct conversation with your unconscious mind to elicit it.

Either way I can run the process with you that will allow you to clear this element that relates to your illness or condition. We will trace it back as far as it runs through your life.

The process is simple to run and can be done in a single session in most instances.

Having had the process run on myself and running it on others, the feedback I receive, is that it is like a weight lifted from their lives or a great clearing.

During sessions like this, I also make a habit of asking your inner physician what it needs to help you heal. The learnings from this can be quite profound or simply instructive. Remember, your body is designed to heal itself, your unconscious mind runs everything, from cell regeneration, sending out antibodies, regulating all fluids, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, our physical movements, perhaps there is a message here?

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