Chronic lower back pain and Cassie’s struggle to live with persistent pain

Cassie, had a car accident a year and half prior to visiting Will. It has left her with chronic lower back pain which radiates up her spine. Cassie lived with a lot of persistent pain that restricted everyday movements and activities. Please listen to what Cassie had to say after the session.

Theories and techniques for relief from chronic lower back pain

There are a multitude of theories and techniques available to improve your health and well being, that are outside the scope of mainstream medicine and they deal with issues in different ways. From energy healing, hypnosis, shamanism to homeopathy, most methods have little evidence to validate them and thus limited recognition for what they can do. One issue for example is the management of chronic lower back pain (pain management). Approximately 1 in 5 people suffer from some kind of chronic pain at varying intensity.

Chronic lower pain is defined as persistent pain over a time period of at least six months and apart from medication or simply accepting it (live with it) mainstream medicine doesn?t have other solutions. Unfortunately most people suffer for much longer than six months before seeking an alternative and it can seem ever present and never ending.

Change On Demand can help sufferers find long-lasting relief, aiming at complete relief from chronic lower back pain, simply follow the link, fill in the form and start the journey to a solution. It has to be said that results may vary from person to person and depends heavily on your efforts and commitment to the techniques on offer.


Lower Back Pain Relief