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Arthritic Pain Removal

If you suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, whether it be osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, psoriatic, gout and so on, you can have the old pain signal turned off. So if the pain is not benefitting you in anyway and masks new pain that indicates something current needs medical attention, please call for an appointment.

For old pain signals, normally just a single session will be required.

Take the pain away

What is the old pain of arthritis?

The old pain of arthritis, for example if related to rheumatoid arthritis where your joints have swollen and become inflamed and painful. If you have been through the process of it being diagnosed and treated for this form of arthritis and you recognise that you have the condition and must adjust for it in life. Then the pain signal no longer serves you if you do not need to be told you have the condition. Should a fresh injury occur, this is separate and a warning that action needs to be taken. The old signal can be reset and I would encourage that you have it reset so that any new signals are clear and that attention to your wellbeing must be made.

Is this the same for osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis?

The principle would be the same for osteoarthritis where you have joint wear and tear and for any other chronic pain condition that one may have.

Do you want to be pain free?

If you answered yes straight away, please give me a call.