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How do we ensure our children have the best in life?

Launched in 2017 as a community focused on actively seeking positive change in their lives. Whether you are down in the dumps or life is just ticking by and you just want more, you can discover how to be excellent and graceful in whatever you choose to do or however you choose to live. This site is dedicated to how you will achieve this.

The posts, online courses, meetups and personal coaching show you how to take control of your life and direct it so that you progress to be happy, fulfilled, achieving grace and excellence.

You deserve it.

I grant you that right and I ask you to grant yourself that right.

This was born out of a curiosity I have always had. “The sky’s the limit”, but how do you actually reach the sky, you have the dream but how do you actually get there? Each time I try to get there I just find myself getting back to the same old unsatisfactory place.


A few guiding principles to get you started


Questions are the answer

It took me a while to get my head round this, but everything we do is based around answering a question whether you realise it or not. So design better questions for yourself and you will get better answers.

The power of 3 or more

Whatever I choose to do always give yourself 3 or more ways to do it. The thinking goes like this, the more creative you are at solving problems the more likely you will succeed, and resourcefulness is one faculty you have that is unlimited.

Failure is really feedback, get more feedbacks

When you put your heart, soul and energy into something and you crash and burn, realise that it is just feedback, learn from it and do better in future and increase your rate of failure

How to succeed – Be like the rat in a maze

If the way you do things does not get you what you want, do something else and if you want to really succeed do a lot more of the something else’s!

Be good to yourself and others


If you think you know life’s limits, then think again

To become graceful and excellent at whatever you choose to do is something I have always wanted to know.

This is my journey which will develop and evolve continually through the rest of my life and I hope that it can spread in to yours even in a small way.

I re-focused my attention to this outcome a few years ago now in earnest, not being satisfied by what I was doing and achieving at the time which wasn’t really what I wanted. So I set out to see how could I change this and actually succeed in my own way.

What I did not appreciate to begin with was that as we go through life we collect so much baggage, well a lot of rubbish really, in terms of emotions, beliefs and their resultant behaviours. Sorting that crap out is essential so I set about researching different ways to start changing myself, ways to change troubling emotions and beliefs. These fundamentals I offer in different forms on this site, teach yourself to use them or if you need me to guide you I will coach you.

It took me a lot of thinking time to decide on what to offer on this site, but offering chronic pain relief and removal as a primary service, offers a dramatic change to someone suffering in life so that they can begin to build their journey by cutting away that blite on their life. This is one of the simpler changes to make, though conventional thinking indicates otherwise, or I call it conventional brainwashing.

You only need to clear a bit of old crap away to see the diamond underneath, then it’s designing what you want to do with it. Make the future you want now that you realise you are free to. I love creating a vision and understanding how to make it happen.

The skills that I am learning and teach and apply are termed, meta skills meaning they can be applied by anyone in any aspect of life to be excellent, whether its for sport, healing, at business, relationships, spiritually or life.

You decide on your intent and give yourself the edge.

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