Key focus: Chronic Pain Relief & Removal

You control your pain. It may not seem like that and certainly not feel like that, but I will show you how you can do it with your mind.

So if pain has overcome your life and you want to free yourself, get in touch.

chronic pain management

Chronic Pain

Pain can be managed or eliminated, drugs are one option but not the only one. If you are living with pain, you can do something about it simply by changing your mind.

migraine pain treatment


You can eradicate the pain and unwanted symptoms of migraines. I can run the protocol with you, if this is something you want, contact me.

Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain that is causing disruption to your life or employment, especially if it is one the Doctors can see no specific reason to have, get in touch.

lower back pain removal


Whatever form of arthritis you may suffer from, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, psoriatic, gout and so on, if you are under constant pain you can knock it on the head.

arthritis pain relief
lower back pain removal

Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain that is causing disruption to your life or employment, especially if it is one the Doctors can see no specific reason to have, get in touch.

arthritis pain relief


Whatever form of arthritis you may suffer from, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, psoriatic, gout and so on, if you are under constant pain you can knock it on the head.

fibromyalgia cfs me

Fibromyalgia & CFS

If you suffer from either of these conditions or both, you can make your days pain free and full of energy. If you want to free yourself get in touch.

clearing emotions to illnesses

Emotions of illness

Your body is designed to heal itself. Clearing the emotional component of an illness helps to clear the path.

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Change on Demand
Hi, I’m Will Greenhouse a Change Coach. I specialise in removing pain and the emotional component of illnesses to promote healing. I utilise a fusion of techniques with roots in neuroscience, hypnosis, NLP, energy tapping and more. I work with businesses, groups and individuals on a breadth of transformational change areas from emotions that are controlling your life like stress or fears or trauma to generative change and performance enhancing. If you are committed to changing give me a call and see how I can help you.
Will Greenhouse
Other issues you can change
the answer to stress anxiety

Trauma, Anxiety, Anger, Grief

What you feel YOU FEEL and it is real, but don?t let out of control emotions ruin and run your life.


You don?t have to live with a phobia, if it does not serve you and holds you back and as impossible as it may seem now, you can eliminate it from your life forever.

Weight Loss

Get your head right and the body will follow. The help with weight loss and living a better lifestyle programme compliments whatever exercise or dietary changes you are undertaking.
Generative change

Design your perfect life

Finding your way to a perfect life is a special session, where you get to design your future.

happiness love

Get what you want

Whether it be for work, relationships or personal objectives I can help you focus your mind to manifest.

Perform to excel

Understanding the structure of excellence allows for a practical analysis of the steps it takes to change the results. Why not perform well life?

How can you change?

Beliefs & Identity


Your personal beliefs structure what you perceive that you are capable of, irrespective of whether it may be true or not. They steer your outcomes in any given situation in life, they act as filters in your perception of your world.


Simply by filtering your perspective of life with these filters you will look at life in this way and see it through these eyes so to speak. So is your glass half empty or half full?


Your identity are core beliefs as to who you are and once changed will resonate down to your other surrounding beliefs. You can illicit your identity by asking yourself, who or what am I?


Altering aspects of your identity can transform a you, hence what and how you are labelled in life can be either very restrictive or enabling.


This can lead to statements like, all my family are over weight so I must have the fat gene too and that’s why I am always overweight?


Emotions propel your behaviour. Sometimes, we get trapped in mental loops, creating huge anxieties, fears and stresses. What if you could simply strip away the negative emotions and just get on with living your life.

Alternatively, why not have the ability to fire up your emotions when you need it or want to put it into a new direction?

Emotions are not only fuel to your behaviours, but also a message, that should be acknowledged. Pain is a good example, it’s there to let you know something is wrong or damaged. Occasionally it is misfired which can be a problem or at other times it can just be severe as there may be some chronic underlying illness.

Programming the RAS

The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a small but immensely powerful part of your brain. It is the part of the brain that is the goal getting part of the brain as it is the part that focuses your attention. If your attention is not set correctly then like a large ship a small directional change over time means that the ship never reaches its destination and gets even further away. But like a ship traveling over the many different ocean currents, just small directional changes towards its destination will keep it on course.

Negotiate with the unconscious mind

Your unconscious mind runs everything, all your bodily functions, from regulating your heartbeat to managing your immune system, processing all the information that comes in through your senses and much more. Sometimes it is advantageous to communicate directly with it. You can directly move part of its focus, to change how it regulates your metabolism for example which can be useful in weight loss. Or you could ask it to remove a wart or process through emotions that loop through your life that are holding you back.


Our performance in anything is the sum of our state (mental and physical state at the time), our state is governed by our physiology, which in turn is lead by our breathing. Working with this principle (developed by Richard Bandler) it is possible to put together the resources one may be missing and activate it when you need to perform. Sports is a great illustration of this. The basics are to know the rules and dynamics of the game inside out and to be in the right condition to last the duration, the rest are having the personal resources, beliefs to play consistently on top form, ie the winning mindset.

The tools of change

The Blake Methodology & OldPain2Go

As an OldPain2Go practitioner, I utilise the Blake Methodology which takes principles of hypnosis and nlp but you show the individual how to communicate consciously with the unconscious mind in a conversation, the premise being that the unconscious controls and regulates all bodily functions and you negotiate for a better quality of life, through some kind of change. What is wonderful about the process is that it takes the form of a conversation and bargaining may take place to encourage a change. No formal hypnosis is required.


Hypnosis, for the purposes of my usage, is a pure state of focus, in which your unconscious mind is brought to the surface and can be negotiated with to create powerful change within and is consequently an amplifier of human experience. The more I have studied the subject the more I have come to realise that we live our lives in one trance or another. Watching TV is a great example of a trance inducer of the masses, as you become totally absorbed in what you watch your mind soaks up whatever messages are being communicated. A good hypnotist should take you out of your current trance and put you into one that is useful to you. You will be aware of all that is going on when in hypnosis, though losing track of how long you were in for is a good indicator of a well-formed trance.

There is often a shroud of mystery and suspicion that surrounds hypnosis or hypnotism and plenty of people believe that it will make them act like monkeys or do stupid things that they hear about from stage hypnosis shows. This is more to do with playing on peoples expectations of being in a stage hypnosis show and is appropriate for that environment. This is the power of expectation rather than pure hypnosis. Take for example; how would you react if you saw someone carrying a bloodied axe and walking down a public street threatening people for food, you would probably get you arrested for this unless it’s trick or treating for Halloween!

Hypnosis is safe and great to experience. From my personal experience allowing yourself to tune in to your unconscious mind can be enormously liberating. Through hypnosis, you can directly communicate with the part of the mind that runs everything, from your heartbeat, regeneration of cells, managing the movements of your body, processing all the input from all your senses. How is this useful? Well that is down to your imagination and needs!

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

In a nut shell:

If you ever wanted to be successful in life you need only remember three things.

  1. Have a clear idea of your outcome or goal
  2. Be completely observant, open all your senses to notice what you are getting (acuity).
  3. Be flexible and keep changing until you get what you want.

NLP provides a core set of paradigms to approach successful behaviours and behavioural change work and tools to elicit firstly what is going on, secondly allowing you to change what happens in our behaviours for the desired outcomes. And if that doesn’t work, do something else until you get the desired results!


Energy Tapping

Originating from Thought Field Therapy developed by Roger Callaghan in the 1970’s, it has been modified and extended and simplified and expanded and one of the popular derivatives currently is EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. This falls into the realms of energetic psychology. You are essentially tapping Chinese acupuncture points in certain combinations to flatten out electrical disturbances in your meridians that could relate to emotions or beliefs that may be causing you difficulty. It is a really powerful and simple to learn process. It is very effective, though depending on the complexity of the issue you are trying to deal with can take some skill to apply.

I regularly encounter people that have tried it, some with success, others with not much success, it will work on anybody, but can take a little persistence, it actually took me a year to really get to grips with it. It is also one of those things that becomes more effective if used regularly, like a well exercised muscle.

When EFT does not seem to work or is quickly reversed, that is feedback that something needs to be done first and is a good indication that more exploration is required.


Life is motion without it comes decay, so listen and keep moving
I offer you guidance and tools so that you may change yourself on demand. I will not change you, I merely hold a torch to light the path through your maze. The changes you make are your choice, you simply need to embrace the process and do.
Small print ? results may vary dependent on how well you apply them and your commitment with yourself to change.